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A scheduled lesson represents a block of time reserved for you to the exclusion of other students. You must provide at least

24 hours notice

when canceling a lesson or you will be billed for the missed lesson.

A Security Deposit is required equal to the value of one lesson.

Successful learning depends on continuity. Frequent absence interferes with this.

Two consecutive unexcused absences or more than four absences in a quarter

will result in a student being dropped. Make-up lessons are expected to be scheduled when possible

Lessons are structured to accomplish specific goals If you are more than

10 minutes late

you will be considered absent.

You will be billed as if you canceled the lesson with less than 24 hours notice unless you reschedule in the same week.
Accepting New Students

Introductory offer!

10 Lessons (45-60 minutes) $300

Beginning adults are my specialty!

Attention to Quality

Extraordinary Customer Service