Hetzler's Music was  established in 2002 as a private music studio for children and adults. It is owned and operated by Ed Hetzler. Ed has played and performed for over 30 years as a folk musician.

My function as a music teacher is to help students become active participants in music. I work with beginners through advanced intermediate students. I challenge students by setting individually achievable goals. Along the way I strive to impart an aesthetic sense and an understanding that music is a collaborative activity.

Prior to starting Hetzler's Music Ed spent 27 years in the corporate world providing risk assessments and giving risk management seminars around the world. Learning to adapt his communication style to match such a diverse audience gives Ed a well rounded approach to teaching. Ed is also a practiced listener: Not just with an ear for music, but to the nuances of frustration that beginning students face.
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Hetzler's Music
Hetzler's Music
30 Causeway Street, Hudson, MA
Accepting New Students

Introductory offer!

10 Lessons (45-60 minutes) $300

Beginning adults are my specialty!

Attention to Quality

Extraordinary Customer Service