Hetzler's Music
Hetzler's Music
30 Causeway Street, Hudson, MA
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What styles of music do you teach?  Learning music is more involved than memorizing tunes. Mastery of pitch, intonation, rhythm, music theory and the ability to sight read standard notation are the skills that I teach.  These are the building blocks of music.

Do you offer discounts?  Families with more than one member taking lessons concurrently receive a $5 discount on each lesson. (Can not be combined with 10 lesson introductory offer.) I also give two free lesson in exchange for a successful referral.

Is a security deposit required? A security deposit is not required if you pay for lessons by the month. A$25 security deposit is required if you choose to pay as you go.

Do you sell or rent instruments?  No.

Do you go to student's home?  No.

Do you host any music activities?  No music activities are planned at the current time.
Accepting New Students

Introductory offer!

10 Lessons (45-60 minutes) $300

Beginning adults are my specialty!

Attention to Quality

Extraordinary Customer Service